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Allmcare is an exclusive formulation that supplies the body with glucosamine,the necessary building blok for the cartilage and for inaintenance of the synovial fluid in the joints that keeps them healthy and moving comfortably.

Thus,Allocare prevents the progression of osteoarthritis and restores the physiological balance to rebuild deteriorated cartilage.

Chondroitin sulfate works with collagen to keep tendons,ligament,arteries,skin and other tissues strong and resilient.

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106 Talaat Harb st. Shebin El Koom El Menofia - Egypt .

Our Vision

Upgrading pharmaceutical to the highest level to meet the essential needs of the Consumer.

Our Mission

Presenting new medicines in the Egyptian Market, to protect human health & develop animal wealth.s

Know Us

  • Allam Company is Know forits good and respectable reputation in the field of pharm that is why we have been invited by USA commercial service (united states of America Department of Commerce) for the second year the Atlanta ( International poultry Expo International feed Expo).